Doraemon Inspired Pocket Tshirt


After a boom trend on T-shirt having a small on pocket like any other shirt. I decided to come up with a Doraemon Inspired pocket T-shirt. So at that point of time, Valentine’s day was around the corner so I decided to do one for my girlfriend (as an experiment :p). Went to get some patterned cloth from Spoon Flower, a generic plain T-shirt but I got it from Uniqlo and of course printed the cutting line I did on my Illustrator.

I do not have a photo of how I did it, but hopefully I can explain in plain english.

I cut the cloth slightly bigger than my cut paper outline, cut at least two of the same cloth. Place both desired patterns together, so you see the under side of the cloth on both sides now. Sew around at the edge of the cloth at least 80%, and flip it inside out. Now the pattern should be outside as it is on both side of the cloth. Now iron the edge till it is flat. Lastly, sew it on the T-shirt you wanted, remember this time only on the curve as we wanted it to be (duh) a pocket. I did a short sewing at the top-middle to prevent it from falling. Don’t get I what I meant? Download the PDF below, hopefully you get I what meant.


And all these with the help of my mum (seamstress since 18), I almost made a mess on the T-shirt area.

If you ever did a doreamon T-shirt do take a photo, instagram it, tag #doraemonpockettee and let me know! Or Email me if you want me to do one for you! Yes you need to pay me. :/

Download Pocket Outline PDF

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